Posted on: 05.10.2022.

Author: ssvetec

World Teachers' Day

World Teachers' Day is celebrated annually on 5 October in 100 countries all over the world. This day has been declared by UNESCO in 1994. It was proclaimed on the same day as the 1966 signing of the Recommendation on the Status of Teachers. Education International (EI), the Brussels-based global federation of trade unions of education professionals is firmly convinced that World Teachers' Day ought to be internationally recognized and celebrated worldwide, and its efforts and efforts of its 401 members contributed to the international recognition and celebration of World Teachers' Day across the world.

Teachers play an important role in the knowledge society. Educators, teachers, and professors contribute to the knowledge society to which we all aspire. Their work should be recognized and valued as one of the most important for the future of the world, as dramatic as this may seem since children are the future and so is knowledge. World Teachers' Day is celebrated to recognize the importance of their profession and their impact on the development of society as a whole and to highlight the significance of their profession and of education itself. Educators need support to ensure that they can continue to do their jobs, meet the needs of future generations, and raise the standard of education itself.

But teachers are more than just teachers, people who share knowledge with us. Even though they are not our family, they discover or have discovered our possibilities and our potential every day, they encourage their students to do better and more, they teach us, encourage, protect and comfort us, and they are proud of us and our successes.

The role of the teacher is very important, and passing on knowledge is but a small part of it. We certainly all remember the moment when, somewhat uncertain, we walked into school for the first time and our childhood changed irreversibly, but not for the worse. These few small steps marked the entrance into a new and fascinating world. We have studied, but we have acquired more than just knowledge. We learned how to build friendships, how the community functions, and how to respect its limits. Not only that, but we have learned to cooperate as well as to compete. All that time, the teachers were by our side, and not only because they shared valuable and important knowledge, and that is why they were important to us. For this reason, we still remember them.

All of us who have already left the school desks no doubt are happy to remember some people who left their mark on our best school years, and we still have a memory of them. And all those who are still at school certainly have favorite professors as well, those who guide, embolden them, and encourage them on the path of growth that they will fondly remember for the rest of their lives. And so, let us remember them on this day, let us thank them for all they have done for us, or even let us thank them live if we can.

And finally, do you know the saying: "The teacher does not teach what one wants, the teacher teaches what one is."?