Happy children’s feet deserve only the best materials

At Froddo, we have always taken care of the health of children’s feet, which is why we use only the best natural materials to make Froddo shoes. We put a great deal of love in every pair of shoes, and we pay special attention to the quality, comfort and functionality of shoes. When designing a collection, we are helped by children, parents, children psychologists and orthopaedic specialists so that we can create the perfect shoes that allow for natural and healthy development of children’s sensitive feet.

We pay equal attention to the environment and to the health of children’s feet. Our production takes place in a clean, natural environment in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection. Our shoes do not contain hazardous chemical compounds that may have an adverse effect on human health.

Because first steps are the most important ones

Inspired by little feet that are only beginning to walk, we have created the most comfortable shoes - Froddo Prewalkers. For their production we have chosen the softest vegetable-tanned leather with natural tannins, with no hazardous chemical compounds. Froddo Prewalkers, as light as a cloud, imitate barefoot walking, and allow for the natural and healthy development of children’s feet.

We have created a special shoe line boasting an original and functional design and intended for the first steps of our little ones. Extremely light shoes made with natural materials feature a removable antibacterial insole for easy checking of size and a flexible rubber sole supporting the activities of little explorers.

For a playful childhood

Just like every child, every foot is different, which is where we find our inspiration and the beauty of designing shoes. We believe in uniqueness, which is why we have created several different lines and we have adapted them to all ages, feet and opportunities. Over 500 models in every collection can satisfy the discerning fashion sense of parents and the most demanding criteria for the comfort of every child.

At Froddo we create healthy, natural, playful and fun shoes, for a happy childhood filled with the most beautiful stories of playful steps.