Our story


We live for now and work for tomorrow, but we won’t forget yesterday. We are proud of what we are – the leading footwear manufacturer in Croatia, and we are grateful for what we used to be – a small group of cobblers as far back as 1946. 


The products we create are of good quality, not because of the technology we own, but because of the people that make them.


We changing perceptions of the world and making it more fun. We are enriching our thinking, and growing every day. We work decisively, powerfully and with love – this is important to us.  We are achieving great things – for our customers, employees and the environment in which we operate.


For us there are no obstacles, only challenges that make us better. We accept challenges – inevitable lessons from which we learn. Healthy products that are of good quality, comfortable and of appealing appearance, which at the same time conserve our environment and untouched nature – these are the results of the challenges we face daily.


BAMBI and FRODDO are more than collections of children’s footwear. Behind every successful brand there is team of successful, motivated people.  BAMBI and FRODDO are friends of children and their parents – they make happy moments even better, and great memories unforgettable. 

The Mon Allure line of shoes is designed for working women on the go – they invoke determination and confidence in each business opportunity.



Sustainable development

We are environmentally conscious. We answer to the society and Planet Earth.  We are scrupulous in preventing contamination and pollution of the environment, and we achieve this through proper waste management.


We are constantly making adjustments and compromises so that our products can be of good quality, comfortable, healthy and inviting in appearance, and so that the environment remains preserved and nature untouched. We accept challenges daily, all towards satisfying the needs of our customers, and preserving that which is extremely important to us and belongs to none one, but to which we belong - nature.

Success on the market

We are successful because we believe. We believe in our people, in our products, in our achieved successes and those to come. Part of our success consists of our retail network – 36 BAMBI and FRODDO stores, 2 online stores, and the Mon Allure shop.  We believe in our products that are present in 19 countries across Europe, Asia and America.  We believe because we want. We want because we can. And we can because we know.


We are faithful employees

Enthusiasm and gratitude – that keeps us together.  More than 1000 employees, of which the majority has been together as a team for more than 15 years already – is what moves us. Wish for success – is what pushes us forward!

Message to our customers

Thank you very much. You alone are the initiators of our success. Thank you for allowing us to enter your homes, your birthdays and your celebrations with our products - for travelling with them to the coast, taking those first steps, climbing trees, riding bicycles and playing the most interesting games. Thank you for being here for us, and for giving us your feedback.