Welcome to the new Froddo collection, full of exciting details and irresistable creations.

Posted on: 18.10.2019.

Author: mjug

The new detail of the AW Froddo collection is an extra lightweight and flexible rubber sole, which is perfectly complemented by antibacterial removable insole. Our imperative is to create a comfortable and spacious/ commodious shoe for our youngest, allowing freedom of movement and foot development. Natural materials provide airiness and optimum surrounding for baby feet in all activities.


The framework for the design are functionality and practicality which are complemented by the subtle details such as elastic straps, welcro straps, and warm linings. High boot styles with triple velcro straps further stabilize the foot and provide the highest level of safety of each step. The winter collection is unimaginable without fur, wool and textile lining, and ankle and tex-membrane boots will keep your feet dry and warm in all weather conditions.

Visible seams and decorative trimmings bring freshness into monocoloured styles, while retaining uniqueness and traditional design. The collection is painted in earthy tones with a bordeaux, brown, navy and gray, complemented by luxurious additions such as double-face details and metallic and lacquer effect. Animal print and a floral pattern are presented in girl styles.

Glossy materials and fur details give an additional dose of luxury and refinement to the sporty and classic design, offering a new look for every occasion.


The popular Chelsea Boot style has been updated with metallic colors and floral and animal prints, creating a rich palette for each style. The Bovver Boots are winning the admiration/ captivate with its robust soles that give a contrasting element for a gentle girl styles. Casual styles have implemented hiking details. The return of retro models such as lace up snow boots, which come in glamorous edition with tex-membrane, characterize the collection.


70-year experience in shoe making is reflected in the highest quality of craftsmanship, dedication to detail and knowledge of the anatomy of children's feet.