We preserve nature, for it is our home

Posted on: 22.04.2022.

Author: mjug

Ivančica d.d. has been moving towards sustainability for many years. Ensuring sufficient amounts of renewable energy and protecting the human environment are fundamental requirements for the sustainable development of our civilisation. This belief is in line with the construction of its own solar power plant, which aims to increase energy efficiency and long-term profitability by using renewable energy sources. Solar energy is safe, continuous and the least harmful to the environment.

The solar power plant is mounted on the roof of the existing building at the company's headquarters, in Ivanec. It consists of 774 panels with a total power of 290 KW.

In the spring months, the photovoltaic power plant produces about 1.3 MWh daily. Depending on the sunny days, savings will reach up to 60% of daily consumption. In addition, its positive effects on the environment are very important.

Since November 2021, when the power plant was put into operation, 91 MWh of electricity has been produced. This is equivalent to 36 tons of coal and avoided emissions of 42 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 60 trees that would absorb this amount of CO2.

Ivančica d.d. uses 100% green energy in its entire business. Electricity purchased from suppliers also comes from renewable sources, which is confirmed by the certificate "ZelEn – friend of nature"

Photo: Zoran Stanko

We strive to optimize the design of our products in order to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce pollution through the production process and material selection. With energy-saving machines and the use of recycled and natural materials, we create a sustainable product. At all stages of the production process, we take care of maximum control of the impact of all activities, in order to minimize the harmful impact on the environment, and we confirm our responsibility with the ISO 14001:2015 certificate.

We faithfully follow our philosophy when choosing our suppliers, who are committed to cooperating according to the highest standards of production and sustainable development. Through energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, our suppliers produce materials that meet standards such as Ecarf, Leather Working Group, IVN...

We continuously perfect our products and improve our business, to make our production more climate-neutral and our shoes more sustainable.

We are aware that even small savings measures in our production can greatly benefit the environment. We only have one Earth, and that's why we look after it. Join us in creating a green future.