Walk in the magical collection of Froddo Children's shoes, light and soft like a cloud.

Posted on: 28.01.2020.

Author: mjug

Inspired by real life challenges and playful children's footsteps, we have created a new shoe collection, as desired by children and their parents.

We dedicate a lot of love and attention to each pair of Froddo shoes and we put the greatest emphasis on the comfort and quality of the materials we use.

Froddo shoes are produced in sizes from 17 to 42 and most models have a easily removable antibacterial insole that moulds to each foot. Each child is, like every foot, different, so we have added an extra insole to certain styles to create a flexible width fitting. This additional insole changes the space available in the shoe, so that one shoe matches each child's foot, which is our guiding thread.

Froddo shoes, ballerinas, sneakers and sandals are fully covered with natural leather to provide optimal breathability and airiness. We've adapted a number of different styles to suit all ages, feet, and occasions, and over 500 models are ready to satisfy both fashion conscious parents and the most demanding comfort criteria of every toddler.

The collection features dots, hearts and 3D butterflies, flowers, and bows, and the satin laces continues. Laminates and overlapping colors will be an absolute hit and look great in the sun.

Ultra light, breathable and comfortable  shoes with 100% natural rubber sole and flat removable antibacterial leather insole mimic barefoot walking. Wider toe box ensures foot stability while walking and encourage the natural and healthy development of children's feet.

Every foot, just like every child, is different. Froddo celebrates this diversity, because such children are happier and leave distinct footprints in everything they do.

Some Froddo shoes comes with an additional insole that can be removed to create more space thus catering for narrow or wide feet with one shoe size.

Explore the novelties of the Froddo SS20 collection - Softly foam model. Extra soft, flexible and stabile insole from latex, for walking on cloud effect.

We pay equal attention to the environment and to the health of children’s feet. Our production takes place in a clean, natural environment in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection. Our shoes do not contain hazardous chemical compounds that may have an adverse effect on human health.