Posted on: 05.10.2020.

Author: mjug

The shoe without laces.

Easy to wear and comfortable, trainers are always popular with kids!

Our special line of sporty trainers are made of all natural materials and have been designed to make putting on shoes more fast, unique and fun!

Our innovative new line of trainers have a new safety closure system for easy-wearing without laces whilst maintaining the sleek look that's sometimes lost with straps.

This simple and safe way of tightening shoes means no more tripping over untied laces in the playground, no more tightening straps mid-game and no more faff! With this new locking system, toddlers can put their shoes on by themselves and safely enjoy all their activities without interruption.

These high-top sneakers with anti-slip soles have a firm heel which provides stability and safety with  every step. Reflective details also provide better visibility and greater safety in the dark.


Removable arnedry insoles are extremely durable, with technologically advanced microfibers. Reminiscent of natural leather in touch and feel, the 100% breathable insole also has exceptional absorbency.