Shoes with tradition …….
…… for happy, healthy and safe future for the children

Posted on: 19.08.2021.

Author: mjug

We want our little ones to have a happy childhood in healthy shoes and to build their future with safe and unrestricted steps.

With a tradition of more than 70 years, we create individual, authentic, and sustainable footwear. The color palette of rich earth tones reflects a fascination with the past, while the presence of yellow, fuchsia, and red, with an occasional trip into a galaxy interpreted through patterns of stars, sequins, and metallic tones, exudes the energy of street trends.



The collection is characterized by comfort inspired by soft natural materials with a focus on functionality, flexibility, practicality, and a design that protects children's feet and the environment. The choice of materials and innovative elements create a futuristic experience full of enthusiasm, safety, and desire for play.

The Froddo standard collection in sizes 17 to 42 and widths S to L comes with different features adapted to all types of feet, in lines for school and kindergarten, sports and leisure and special occasions.



New barefoot models provide for superior comfort and freedom of movement. Ultra-light, wide and breathable shoes have a chrome-free natural leather lining and a rubber sole and are characterized by great flexibility and exceptional softness. They are made of carefully selected terracare® natural leather of the highest quality. Barefoot models come with a removable, flat antibacterial sole, while winter models come with three types of lining - wool, warm textile, and fur lining. Novelties are ankle boots with water-repellent velour. The wider front part allows for the fingers to move undisturbed and freely. The shoes imitate barefoot walking and thus provide the feet with natural and healthy development. In these shoes, children feel the ground under their feet.



Every child, like every foot, is different, so we enhance certain models with an additional, easily removable leather antibacterial sole, so that one shoe has two widths. An additional insole regulates the space in the shoe.



To enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions, we have created a complete waterproof collection that provides top-notch entertainment and keeps your feet completely dry.

Super customizable boots are ideal for winter days. Multiple velcro straps, elastic inserts and laces allow for a perfect fit, while warm wool, fur and textile lining warm the feet on cold winter days. Top quality winter boots are characterized by exciting waterproof and water-repellent technology.



Our large family of over 600 employees carefully designs and precisely manufactures healthy shoes from carefully selected materials from proven sources. We produce Froddo shoes in Croatia, in a pure natural environment, applying the principle of sustainability.