Rain dance with Froddo TEX

Posted on: 12.10.2020.

Author: mjug


Cold and rainy seasons require warm footwear that ensures dry feet in all weather conditions. Autumn and winter should be for jumping in puddles and snow angels, not cold, wet feet!

This is why Froddo has created a special TEX line for unforgettable winter adventures. 

The waterproof and vapor- permeable TEX membrane layer is located between the upper material and the inner lining. Waterproof properties prevent water and snow from entering the shoe, while the vapor-permeable layer absorbs moisture from the inside, providing the feet with an optimal climate that is both dry and breathable. Thanks to TEX properties, children's feet can remain dry and warm in all weather conditions. 

All Froddo footwear is made from soft, natural leather that provides comfort and protection. This ensures natural and healthy foot development. With an additional warm lining of natural wool or fur our footwear can warm even the coldest days.



How to care for TEX footwear:

The outer surface layers of Froddo shoes are made from natural,smooth leather or soft velor. Therefore, shoes with a TEX membrane should be still be maintained like standard leather shoes.

Genuine leather shoes and boots should be cleaned with soft and damp cloths, and cared for with mild creams to maintain shine and functionality. Wet footwear must be dried in a natural way and must never be placed next to a heater or radiator, as artificial drying can damage the upper layer of the shoe, and TEX properties. Silicone can also destroy TEX properties. So, TEX footwear should be nurtured with silicone-free impregnating agents. 


How to care for non-TEX footwear:

For shoes without the TEX membrane, protect these with impregnation creams and sprays to prolong the lifetime of the shoes. The impregnation formula effectively protects shoes from moisture and dirt, and can be used for all types of textile and leather footwear.