New autumn-winter 2022/23 collection - Natural comfort with the beauty of sustainable shoes

Posted on: 17.08.2022.

Author: irenadel

We have always created footwear that cares about human health and nature preservation.

In our design we apply the principles of aesthetics, functionality, and quality with a focus on sustainable production and selection of natural materials.

By creating Froddo footwear, we promote the safe and healthy development of children, from the first steps, through all stages of growing up. In addition, we appreciate the benefits of nature and with great respect strive to preserve the planet for future generations. We apply ecological processes in production, try to minimize the use of chemicals, use all resources rationally, and electricity comes from renewable sources. We are guided by the same philosophy when choosing our partners and suppliers, who have recognized certificates such as ECARF, IVN Standards, Leather Working Group.


We are proud of our collection of children's shoes, made with a lot of love and the skilful hands of our master shoemakers. Through domestic production in Croatia, we encourage the development of the local community, and our production is controlled in all phases of product development.

For generations, children have been wearing shoes with the Froddo signature, always made of selected, top-quality natural materials. We are constantly improving the traditional design with a touch of modernity, to keep up with the active life and needs of little researchers. A wide range of models for all occasions comes in sizes ranging from 17 to 42, tailored for narrow and wide feet.


Our standard, already well-known collection of sneakers, shoes, ankle boots and boots are enriched with chrome free leather lining and water-repellent materials. Some lines have an antibacterial removable insole, made from recycled materials with GRS certificate and lined with a layer of chrome free natural leather. Winter models come with warm linings made of natural wool, fur or textiles, and the TEX line is still a must have for cold and humid winter days.


Our new product are wool slippers, which contain 50% recycled wool (GRS certified), in the Prewalkers, Minnie and Barefoot lines.


The increasingly popular barefoot line comes in an expanded range with water-repellent properties, while maintaining complete naturalness using the latest materials and technologies. In Barefoot winter models, we have installed an additional insulating layer under the base sole that retains more heat in the footwear. The new sole with extra grip is ideal for all surfaces.


The Prewalkers line of shoes is made of chrome free vegetable tanned natural leather. They mimic barefoot walking, are extremely soft and flexible. These truly healthy shoes are ideal even for children with sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions.


A long tradition and invaluable experience are the key to the success of creating each new collection that comes from the Froddo workshop.