Love for shoes and respect for nature

Posted on: 24.02.2022.

Author: ssvetec

Since 1946, we have believed in the value of nature and the importance of environmental protection, so through sustainable production we preserve the planet for future generations. We choose only the best approved suppliers who hold recognised certificates such as ECARF, IVN Standards and LWG, the protection and health of children's feet are our most important preoccupation, and children’s satisfaction is our greatest reward and motivation.



By caring for and respecting nature and people, we grow as a company

Froddo production has been located at our headquarters in Croatia for the past 76 years and continues to be the major employer and support for the local community.



We strive to optimise our product design to provide a positive impact on the environment by choosing the right materials and through our production process. We are aware that even a small improvement in our production process can greatly benefit the environment around us. We create a sustainable product with energy-saving machines and recycle materials. 100% of the electricity that we use in production comes from renewable sources, including solar panels.



A gentle touch of natural beauty and well being

We are proud of our most sustainable collection so far, the SS2022 has been designed with special care and in cooperation with our customers & suppliers. We have made our shoes with more sustainable elements and applied chrome free lining to almost the complete collection. Our well-known antibacterial removable insole has been improved and is now made of GRS certified recycled materials with a coated layer of chrome free natural leather. 

Each Froddo collection is a reflection of minimalism, quality and functionality. Timeless designs adapted to high-street trends combine casual style with luxury, elegance, and modern detail, while also giving the child a sense of freedom and a touch of nature. Lightweight, flexible, and soft sneakers, shoes, ballerinas and sandals painted with a palette of natural colours in warm tones come in a range of sizes from 17 to 42 and are available in narrow, medium, and wide fittings. Froddo footwear is practical, functional and is up to date for every occasion, from kindergarten, school, playground, walking around the city or adventures in the forest.



Froddo Barefoot

This is the latest addition to the Froddo product profile. It has taken barefoot lovers to an exciting new level with 96 styles and a new size range from 20 to 42. They are made of Terracare® natural leather which gives the shoes a rustic look and provides incredible comfort. This is especially evident with the chrome free lining and removable antibacterial insole. Models with water-repellent properties have gained the highest popularity.



Froddo Prewalker

A range of little shoes made of vegetable tanned natural leather. They mimic barefoot walking and are designed especially for those with sensitive skin and those prone to allergic reactions. The special design of the non-slip rubber outsole is essential for babies crawling and trying their first steps.



Froddo Back to School

Part of our children’s growing up is to learn discipline, understand equality, fairness, and have respect for others from a young age. The school uniform and use of only black school shoes has played a major part of this ethos for many generations, in many countries around the world including the UK and China.

Froddo school shoes are made from premium quality leather with padded ankle, arch support, and toe protection. They are flexible and lightweight to provide ultimate comfort for children spending 30 hours a week in school. A tradition we would like to continue.