Froddo Barefoot shoes

Posted on: 30.07.2020.

Author: irenadel


Experience the new way of walking, feel the lightness of movement and give freedom to children's feet

We keep up with the busy demanding lifestyle, while feeling the ground under our feet and taking care of the health of children's feet.

The human foot is a masterpiece. 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments that enable joint movements and functions to maintain balance, walk and run. The amazing combination of the bone structure, muscles and nerve endings allow us to adopt a range of movements needed for everyday life challenges and activities. Lightweight Froddo barefoot shoes allow the feet to perform unrestrained steps and let them work naturally. Barefoot shoes allow you to strengthen the muscles of the feet naturally, resulting in the health of the whole body and nervous system.

A child's foot is fully grown by the age of 18. It is necessary to enable the child to develop natural strength and muscle support, giving complete freedom of movement and growth without interference. The barefoot sole adapts to all surfaces and bends in all directions, without feeling restrained.



The minimalist design of the Froddo barefoot shoe is designed as a complete connection with nature, based on the basic function of shoes, which is to protect the feet from external influences, injuries, and weather conditions. The closer we are to nature, the more likely we are to take care of its protection. Caring for children's feet and protecting the environment are our imperatives in shoe production.

The wider toe box allow the free shape form of the foot and the child’s freedom to spread the toes freely while walking.



For Froddo footwear, we choose only the best natural materials with certified origin. They are handmade in the EU with a commitment to functionality.  Working conditions in production meet the highest environmental and social standards, and production processes are controlled at all stages. Our experience and long tradition of shoe making result in high quality footwear.

The foot has 250,000 sweat glands. Shoes made of natural breathable materials, ensure and promote good hygiene to reduce the development of athlete’s foot. The lightweight shoes do not interfere with the child's movement, which allows unrestrained and safe steps.





Froddo Barefoot shoes have a thin sole made of 100% natural rubber, which is  the most durable . The flexible rubber sole enables the most natural development of the feet and ankles. The foot has the ability to react to changes in the environment and adapts to any surface, reducing injuries and strengthening muscles. Natural rubber is the best shock absorber, and the thin sole allows children to feel the ground under their feet. A connection is created between the feet and the ground, and through the nerves to the brain, providing information that helps to a better understanding and assessment of the environment and orientation in space. The thin sole allows the foot to feel the structure of the ground through the sole, thus connecting 200,000 nerve endings in the foot to the brain and providing it with important sensory feedback. The more the children can feel their feet, the greater the connection between the feet and their brain, and the connection between the children and their environment.  Without heel reinforcements, reinforced foot arch pads and other anatomical shaping features, the insole encourages the strengthening of the foot muscles, thus reducing the possibility of injury. In barefoot shoes, the foot can sense any movement, as if in socks. Barefoot shoes reduce the negative impact on the feet and the posture of the child. A 100% functional shoe with a modern design, makes every step comfortable, safe and healthy.