Putting a big smile on little child's faces

Posted on: 31.03.2021.

Author: irenadel

Putting a big smile on little child's faces

A series of earthquakes hit central Croatia at the end of last year, causing extensive damage to numerous homes and infrastructure.  Many countries, citizens, companies and medias were involved with their donations and work for helping children and families in the areas most affected by the devastating earthquakes.

Photo: Pixaby


As a socially responsible company, immediately after the unfortunate event, we responded to the humanitarian aid and supported humanitarian action by donating money into the state budget for that purpose.


Photo: Željko Lukunić/PIXSELL


During the first months of 2021, we donated clothing, shoes and more, for children and families in crisis on earthquake area. 

As we have always taken care of the happiness and health of our youngest, on March 24, 2021, we visited the kindergarten “Bubamara” in Glina, to cheer up the little ones and give pair of slippers to every child.



Croatian singer Jacques Houdek sing with toddlers and pre-schoolers during our time of visit. With a fun program on our gathering and a gift for each child, we put a smile on children's faces.