Posted on: 26.02.2024.

Author: irenadel

Froddo Barefoot: Collection for Children and Women

Barefoot shoes with a flat sole are designed to perfectly adhere to the foot and create a sensation of walking barefoot, without unnecessary strain on the feet. The sole without reinforced heels, enhanced arch support cushions, and other anatomical shaping characteristics promote foot muscle strengthening, reducing the risk of injury. In barefoot shoes, the foot can perform any movement as if it were in socks.

The Froddo "Barefoot" collection brings a unique sensation of barefoot walking, providing comfort, flexibility, and support. Carefully selected high-quality natural leather, without chromium, and an antibacterial insole ensure an incredible feeling of freedom and comfort. Our zero-drop heel soles adapt to each step, providing exceptional support on various surfaces. In our collection, you will also find waterproof models for all nature lovers and barefoot walking enthusiasts. We particularly highlight our sandals with an ultra-thin 6mm Vibram® sole, offering exceptional flexibility and softness.

The barefoot collection features vegan barefoot models made from organic cotton, with a microfiber lining and a non-slip sole. Organic cotton is soft, durable, and long-lasting, free from artificial dyes and pesticides, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. The premium quality of the materials is confirmed by the GOTS certificate. Lightweight, soft, and comfortable barefoot canvas sneakers have a breathable lining and a removable microfiber insole. The removable antibacterial insole proudly bears the GRS certificate.