Posted on: 26.09.2023.

Author: irenadel

Froddo TEX Collection: Keeping Little Feet Dry and Cozy

When it comes to ensuring the comfort, warmth, and dryness of our little ones during unpredictable weather adventures, Froddo's TEX Collection stands out as a reliable choice. Central to the effectiveness of this collection are the innovative PU (polyurethane) membranes used in crafting these children's shoes. Let's dive into what makes them so special.

**The Power of PU Membranes**

PU membranes are incredibly thin yet robust layers of material strategically incorporated into Froddo's footwear. Picture them as protective shields sandwiched between the shoe's outer material, be it leather or fabric, and the inner lining. Their mission is clear: to repel external moisture and cold winds while allowing your child's feet to breathe comfortably.


**Unmatched Waterproofing**

The standout feature of PU membranes is their outstanding waterproofing capability. They act as a virtually impenetrable barrier, safeguarding your child from rain, slush, and other external moisture. But here's the magic: they're also highly breathable. This means they keep external moisture out while letting internal moisture, like foot sweat, escape. This breathability is a game-changer in children's footwear, ensuring their feet stay dry and comfortable.

**More Than Just Waterproofing**

But PU membranes offer more than just waterproofing. They're celebrated for their flexibility, durability, and lightweight nature, making them perfect for the active lifestyles of kids who enjoy puddle jumping and outdoor exploration.

**Our Commitment to Sustainability**

At Froddo, our dedication goes beyond performance; it extends to sustainability. Our PU membranes are PFC-free, meaning they do not contain perfluorinated chemicals, which can harm the environment. Additionally, our products comply with the stringent standards of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), ensuring that they contain safe and compliant substances and chemical compounds.

**How to Identify Froddo Waterproof Footwear**

Recognizing Froddo's waterproof footwear is easy. Look for the Froddo TEX label on the shoe's upper (see image for reference). This mark guarantees that the shoes incorporate the reliable PU membrane technology.


**Versatility for All Seasons**

Froddo TEX Collection offers options with textile or wool linings, providing comfort not only for autumn and spring but also for winter. Your child can stay cozy and protected all year round.

In conclusion, PU membranes are the unsung heroes that keep your child's feet dry and comfortable during their adventures, whether it's playful romps in the park or walks in unpredictable weather. Their versatility, waterproofing capabilities, and breathability make them an essential component of kids' footwear. And with Froddo's commitment to sustainability, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child's comfort also aligns with responsible environmental practices.