Posted on: 21.03.2024.

Author: irenadel

Let every step be special: World Down Syndrome Day

Today, March 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day, celebrated worldwide. This special occasion raises awareness about the importance of accepting diversity and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, regardless of genetic differences or limitations they may face. Down syndrome, named after the physician who first described it, Jean-Louis Down, is a genetic disorder caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21. People with Down syndrome often face various challenges, but they also bring incredible joy, love, and inspiration to the lives of their families and communities.

At Froddo, we believe in inclusivity and support for all our customers, regardless of their personal characteristics or abilities. Every step a child takes in our shoes is special because each step represents progress, independence, and growth. As an expression of support and solidarity with people with Down syndrome, today we are wearing different socks in our company.

Today, we want to emphasize the importance of understanding, empathy, and support for people with Down syndrome. Their unique perspective enriches our world and reminds us of the importance of accepting and respecting every individual. Let this World Down Syndrome Day be a reminder of the love, joy, and strength that each person carries within themselves. Let every step be special, and let every person with Down syndrome be an inspiration to us all.