Picnic on the beach

Posted on: 05.07.2022.

Author: mjug

Warm days are ideal for going outside. Outdoor activities are a part of our free time, and the planning of summer adventures is now almost over. Whichever destination you choose, keep in mind to plan for a simple snack that you can bring to the beach that the whole family can enjoy.

As your child loves summer sea activities, let the stay at the beach be stress-free and without thinking about food preparation. Prepare everything in advance in peace and enjoy your family time together.

A change of location will certainly affect your child's greater interest in food. Do you have anything more interesting than a picnic on the beach? Of course not. Spread the blanket, settle under the umbrella and open the picnic basket full of delicious food.

We have prepared several ideas for a picnic on the beach:

Bowls with fruit - cut seasonal fruit in different shapes and cool it well. It would be fun if you cut fruit in the form of different animals. Children will be delighted.

Mini tacos – vegetables wrapped in a tortilla is ideal for every member. Play with the ingredients and put together a combination for each member separately. For the little ones, the combination of dried meat homemade salami, tomato and green salad will always go well.

Vegeterian pie - is loved by everyone, and the combination of fillings is always adapted to the contents of your fridge. Roll out the pulled dough and cover it with vegetables of your choice. The best combination are carrots, zucchini, and spinach in which you can grate cheese, add an egg, and mix everything together. Before serving, cool the dough well and cut it into small pieces to make it easier for children to eat.

Refreshing drinks - always remember to have enough fluids when you are outdoors. Water is always the best solution, and you can also put tea, freshly squeezed orange juice or lemonade in the thermos.

See you at the beach.

Petra Terner