Posted on: 29.06.2023.

Author: irenadel

The Highest Public Recognition of the City of Ivanec

Nada Zver was honored for her exceptional and immeasurable contribution to the development of industry, entrepreneurship, exports, employment, and the overall economy in the area of the city of Ivanec. Through her many years of successful management of IVANČICA, as well as her entrepreneurial activities in the broader environment, she has become a well-known businesswoman who has left an indelible mark in her industry and has actively contributed to the progress of the city.

On behalf of all the recipients, she expressed words of gratitude for the awarded recognition. She emphasized that these acknowledgments are a reward for their persistence and perseverance and that each awardee has their own story that has left a unique imprint and contributed to the development of Ivanec.

Furthermore, Mrs. Zver took the opportunity to express her best wishes for the future and further development of Ivanec and its citizens, highlighting the importance of perseverance in addressing the challenges faced by the community. Her engagement as an advisor to the management of Ivančica d.d. and her experience as a former director will undoubtedly be invaluable resources in the process of strengthening the sustainability of the company's operations and our local community.