Posted on: 02.03.2023.

Author: ssvetec

Sustainability in the local community

Sixth graders from Ivanec Elementary School were participants in the extracurricular activity Projektarnica. They visited the shoe factory Ivančica d.d., for an investigation into the level of compliance with the principles of sustainable development in a large company's operations in our immediate environment.

Students learned how to make shoes out of a piece of leather into the finished product.

They learned a lot about the types of materials used in production, their source and disposal, as well as about the energy, economic, and social sustainability aspects that are implemented in the trade policy of the Ivančica factory.

We are pleased that students were very interested and listened closely, observed, absorbed knowledge, and asked questions.

The tour was organized through the eTwining POP – Planet or Plastic Project. It was started by the teacher Marina Švelec in September 2022. Partner schools from Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, and Spain participate in the project. The bearers of the project in our school are sixth-grade students and extracurricular activity attendees Projektarnica. The principal idea behind the POP project is to raise students' awareness of the climate crisis and their own responsibility for environmental changes and the importance to live by the principles of sustainability. Through active participation in the project, students learn new knowledge and competencies and study their own way of life and the impact of daily family and school life decisions on the environment.

We think the knowledge and skills gained will be used efficiently and successfully in this project, but also in daily life, like. and encouraging others to make positive changes.