Posted on: 17.05.2023.

Author: irenadel

Elementary school students visiting Ivančica d.d.

Students from Augusta Šenoe Elementary School and Pongračevo Branch School in Zagreb recently visited the footwear factory Ivančica d.d. as part of the "Jump in and Start" project.

The project includes activities focused on footwear and shoemaking, where students engage in restoring and designing footwear, creating their own fashion brands, designing logos, and other similar activities.

During the factory visit, students had the opportunity to learn about the footwear production process, ask numerous questions, and receive firsthand answers to their uncertainties regarding the creation of shoes. The goal of the project is to develop students' creative abilities, encourage their curiosity and innovation, and empower them for future challenges. As a socially responsible company that continuously invests in and supports education and community development, we are particularly delighted by visits from the younger generation.

Students collaborate with various experts and institutions, such as the Potočnica Kindergarten, School of Fashion and Design, Faculty of Textile Technology, and Trešnjevka Nursing Home.

As an integral part of the project, the Children's School Museum is also opening its exhibition titled "Jump in and Start" on May 18, 2023, International Museum Day, at the premises of the Pongračevo Branch School. The exhibition will feature 100 recycled shoes.

The students will soon publish a picture book titled "The Tireless Traveler," which they have written and illustrated. They also plan to print a shoemaking glossary and a calendar. We believe that the impressions gained during their visit to our factory will greatly assist them in creating these materials.

This project is an excellent example of how creativity, innovation, and practical skills can be integrated into school education and how students can learn through hands-on work and collaboration with companies and other institutions.