Posted on: 17.03.2023.

Author: ssvetec


Saint Patrick's Day is not only a religious holiday and an Irish national holiday, but a favorite day for many people around the world to celebrate, socialize and laugh a lot. We wish you this day, just like that!


The 17th of March is a happy and lively day, so making fun of someone and telling them that they are an idiot or a fool, in the Irish language eejit, is something that is not to be blamed!

We especially love the mascots of this happy, green day, leprechauns, and bearded dwarfs with big green hats on their heads. Legend has it that they were shoemakers who put the money they made in a pot and hid it at the end of a rainbow. Anyone who succeeds in catching the leprechaun will be granted three vows. This is why the Irish usually hides the coins that the children are looking for, in the hope that they might catch the elf too.

No worries, no one will be left hungry or thirsty to celebrate Saint Patrick. Beef and cabbage are traditional dishes associated with this day, and they go well with beer. Allegedly, on St. Patrick's Day, around 10 million liters of Guinness are drunk in the world!


And who is Saint Patrick? He is the national patron of Ireland and is credited with the spread of Christianity in Ireland.  There are numerous legends about the life of St. Patrick, but what is known for sure is that he lived in the 5th century, and it is believed that he died on March 17, 461. On that day, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world.

In the original, St. Patrick's Day was exclusively an Irish holiday celebrated by fasting and going to mass, but with the emigration of Irish people, especially to the USA, the holiday evolved and became a day of celebration of Irish culture and tradition.

The three-leaf clover is the trademark of St.Patrick's Day because he allegedly used it to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish. The fourth leaf represents God's grace, i.e. happiness.


And try to find your leprechaun, maybe he will fulfill some of your wishes, and maybe help us make some shoes!