Froddo Children's Sandals-BAREFOOT ELASTIC SANDAL

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Children's barefoot sandals
1) upper material - leather
2) chrome free leather lining and microfiber insole
3) sole - thermo rubber
Universal fitting - adjustable to all feet width
Extra flexible shoes that mimic being barefoot. Eco-friendly natural leather. Removable antibacterial microfiber insole. Extra grip. Sustainable product and production

Shoe care:

Footwear made of printed material should not be brushed, soaked, or treated with protective agents to avoid damaging the surface layer. To remove dirt, carefully wipe the footwear with a dry cloth. It is recommended to care for it with a waterproof protective agent specifically designed for printed materials, which will protect the footwear from atmospheric influences and dirt without harming the surface layer. It is also important to be cautious while wearing it to prevent damage, as the surface layer cannot be repaired once it is damaged.

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