Posted on: 13.12.2022.

Author: ssvetec

Participation in the humanitarian action of the association Bedem ljubavi Varaždin -

Ivančica d.d. is actively involved and tries to donate and help the local community as much as possible by getting involved in different projects, actions, and donations. During this pre-holiday season, we took part in the humanitarian action of the Bedem ljubavi Varaždin association with several other companies in Varaždin County, the Faculty of Organization and Computer Science, and all valuable volunteers and contributors.

As part of the campaign, we helped gather children's shoes and socks that were distributed to children at Petrijanec Elementary School and Strmec Regional School on St. Nicolas Day, December 6. The goal of the action was for each child to come to school this winter in adequate footwear and that every child attends classes in warm and dry socks and slippers.

We are proud and happy of our participation and contribution to this worthy action, and its success can only be measured by the smiles on the faces of children. We join the appeal from the association Bedem ljubavi Varaždin to any teacher who notices that a child lacks the proper footwear to contact them.