Happy spring

Froddo collection represents comfort in every step. With the colourful materials that are present throughout the collection we try to surprise and inspire children's imagination, and to motivate children to explore and play. This season Froddo presents a carefree, cheerful and playful childhood. The emphasis is placed on monochrome models, in which simple, refined, and sophisticated cuts prevail, and where intense stitching in contrasting colours highlight the functionality and the beauty of the shoe.

Unique fit – one shoe, two widths

How is that?

With the help of an additional insole which can be removed, whereby creating additional space for the foot.


The comfort and footwear that fits properly enables the healthy growth and development of children`s feet.

Special on the inside, personalised on the outside, Froddo trainers are tailor made for kids

Not only do we produce the best quality, natural and anatomical footwear from lightweight, antibacterial materials, we at Froddo also remember that every pair of feet, just like every child, is different. Therefore every trainer should also be different and unique! So now we have made it possible for kids to personalise them. Every purchase of Froddo trainers includes a little gift; a special marker pen for the personalisation of the back of the shoe, which will delight the youngsters and inspire their imagination and creativity. Marker pens are easy to wipe off. In this way kids are able to decorate the back of their favourite trainers however they like and as many times as they want. So choose Froddo, write, draw, and make them your own. Have fun with it and make every step unforgettable.

Froddo prewalkers

Delicate little shoes with flexible soles and soft leather without chromium.

Babies’ feet are extremely delicate, wrapped only in soft cushions, while for healthy development it is important that they are barefoot for most of the time or in little shoes of soft leather, which protect the feet and provide them with natural development.

The materials that we used to produce these Froddo shoes protect children's feet as well as the environment. Chrome free and vegetable-tanned leather together with EU certified materials from trusted suppliers keep children's delicate feet healthy and ensure their optimum development.