„Hello Sunshine“ Froddo spring/summer 2017

The inspiration for the new collection is both a tropical sea and the beautiful Cote d'Azur. A touch of warm summer sun, refreshing seawater and warm sand runs through the collection with strong and clear colours. Intense pink, electric blue, sea green and yellow are mixed with a palette of natural colours. These merge with soles in natural shades. Dynamic combinations of different textures fire the imagination and make the shoes more playful. Vintage gold and pink colours give the collection a subtle touch of exclusivity and glamour.

This season’s distinctive retro vintage style is enriched with stitching detail and flowers. Elements of the new wave of digital lifestyle are represented by the addition of shiny, patterned material, expressing a perfect combination of classic and modern. Some styles use materials and intertwining straps recalling the almost forgotten Mayan Huarache style. For fans of sporting elegance, there are the Froddo classic trainers. These focus on comfort and use natural and very soft leather. The trainers come in a wide range of colours and include styles featuring luxury glitter, sure to appeal to the inner disco diva.

Personlized trainers with stamp of personality

No child is the same, just as no foot is the same so our trainers have to be unique. Children can give their trainers a final touch and stamp of personality. A special range of trainers can be personalised allowing children to decorate the back of the trainers as many times as they want. This personalised range of trainers will cheer up young children, stimulating their imagination and creativity and making every step memorable and unique.

Removable antibacterial insole

The size of children's feet is difficult to measure, so part of Froddo’s collection has ‘smile’ antibacterial insoles. The printed ‘smile’ on the insole shows the ideal place for the big or longest toe. The insole can be simply removed from the shoes and placed on the floor. When a child stands on the insole you can straight away if the size is correct. The insoles are made of recycled antistatic materials and are highly absorbent preventing the development of bacteria and reducing sweat. Very light and stable they are anatomically shaped with an anti-shock effect.

Children deserve only the best materials

Children’s feet are extremely sensitive, so the production of Froddo shoes starts with the selection of materials. All our materials used in production are from reliable sources from European producers following European Union standards. In the processing of the leather no harmful chemicals such as chrome VI are used.