Froddo new autumn/winter collection

The new autumn/winter collection is full of interesting and unique details from old handicraft workshops mixed with modern elements. Monochrome models are simple, refined and have sophisticated cuts with intense seams in contrasting colors that highlight the functionality and beauty of shoes. Glow and glitter are present in the whole collection, and always attractive gold brings a touch of glamor to children's feet. A wide range of models for all occasions ranging in size from 18 to 40 guarantee comfort and breathability, and most of them come with an additional anti-bacterial insole with anti shock effect.

Personlized trainers with reflecting material

No child is the same, just as no foot is the same so our trainers have to be unique. Children can give their trainers a final touch and stamp of personality. A special range of trainers can be personalised allowing children to decorate the back of the trainers as many times as they want. This personalised range of trainers will cheer up young children, stimulating their imagination and creativity and making every step memorable and unique.

Froddotex – best protection for children`s feet

For the coldest days of the year Froddo has prepared shoes, boots and ankle boots from the FRODDOTEX line, which with its materials (waterproof and breathable membranes) and production methods, provides the best protection in the coldest rainy and snowy days.

The line with a lining made of natural wool will keep you warm even in the coldest winter.

Froddo prewalkers

Delicate little shoes with flexible soles and soft leather without chromium.

Babies’ feet are extremely delicate, wrapped only in soft cushions, while for healthy development it is important that they are barefoot for most of the time or in little shoes of soft leather, which protect the feet and provide them with natural development.

The materials that we used to produce these Froddo shoes protect children's feet as well as the environment. Chrome free and vegetable-tanned leather together with EU certified materials from trusted suppliers keep children's delicate feet healthy and ensure their optimum development.